Please read the frequently asked questions. Maybe here you will find the answer immediately. If not, please contact our support service.
Fill out the application in 2 simple steps in our service and wait for a contact with a specialist, your application will be processed manually
  • If you want to sell cryptocurrency, select the "sell crypto" tab. If you want to buy cryptocurrency, select the "buy crypto" tab.
  • Select the currencies you are interested in from the drop-down lists: crypto currency for sale, Fiat money for receiving (in the case of buying cryptocurrency: crypto currency for buy, Fiat money for payment).
  • Enter a volume of currencies that you want to exchange. You can also enter the amount of currencies (Fiat money or crypto) you want to receive.
  • Wait until the opposite value is calculated and click "NEXT"
Fill out the form on our page and click "NEXT". If you entered the data incorrectly, the corresponding field will be highlighted in red.
Wait for our specialist's response. It will agree with you the amounts you requested, request the necessary KYC documents from You, and give you instructions for transferring funds if your KYC is OK.
  1. We will need your identity document (license or driver's license)
  2. We will need your selfie along with your identity document
  3. We will need a document confirming your address (Bank statement or utility bill)

If you are corporate:

  1. Personal verificaton from each account Accessor and Beneficial Owner
  2. A copy of your company's registration documents, preferably stamped or signed.
  3. A Proof of Business Operating Address document that contains the legal name of the entity, the physical address of the company (where the day to day operations take place), and has been dated less than 3 months from the date of submission. Valid documents include a business bank statement, credit card statement, lease agreement, or utility bill.

The requested list of documents can be expanded on a case-by-case basis. It is also possible that we will ask you additional questions and ask for additional documents to clarify your activities and business.

Not to worry. All data can be corrected when communicating with our specialists.
We are guaranteed to respond within 24 hours
Depending on which country you are in. We will select the fastest method of transferring Fiat money for you.
On that website that you sent was raspredeleni about SEPA can be something like to organize? If you have an account in your name that processes SEPA payments, it is better to use it.
Your application is stored for 1 month. During this time, we can expect your transfer.

Please note that the exchange rate will be recalculated upon receipt of your transfer. The amount of requested currency in the request may differ significantly if you delay the payment

After one month of waiting, the application will be automatically deleted. You can create a new one at any time
You will receive the requested currency on the day your transfer is actually received.